UltraMatch S2000 Iris Recognition System


UltraMatch series products own a stylish design and robust performance. Adopting BioNANO algorithm, the system provides the most accurate, stable, and quickest iris recognition while delivering high-level security in biometric enrollment, individual identification, and access control.

Containing a complex and random pattern, iris is unique and stable during one’ s life and the least affected by outside. Iris recognition turns to be the most accurate and fastest option to authenticate someone with certainty.
Unparalleled User Experience
Visual indication
Three color LED indicators prompt the user to place their eyes in proper distance that makes image acquiring easy acceptable and comfortable.

Fast comparison
With BioNANO algorithm, the system identifies people in less than a second, and processes up to 20 people per minute.

Wide applicability
● The UltraMatch works in all lighting environments, from bright illumination to total darkness.
● The system supports all eye colors.
● The UltraMatch can identify subjects even when they are wearing eyeglasses, most sunglasses, most types of contact lenses, and even face masks.
● Iris recognition is more suitable than other biometric identification in certain environments. If one has a worn or injured fingerprints or wear gloves, the UltraMatch is better than fingerprint devices.

High level security
Accurate and unforgeable
Iris recognition is the most accurate way to identify individuals of all the commonly used biometric technologies. Even twins have completely independent iris textures. Iris patterns are too intricate to duplicate.

High stability
After 12 months of birth, an infant’s iris pattern becomes stable and keeps constant during one’s life. Protected by eyelids, iris patterns are not easily damaged or scratched.

Non-contact and non-invasive
A non-contact and non-invasive capture of one’s iris creates the most comfortable and friendly user experience.

UltraMatch S1000

Anviz UltraMatch


Item Description
Capacity Max 1,000 Users
Template Max 1,000 Templates
Log Capacity Max 100,000 Logs
LCD Area 128mm x 32mm
Camera Single
Identification Mode Iris, Card
FAR ≤0.0001%
Identification Time ≤1s (1:150)
Web Server Y
Tamper Alarm Y
Identification Distance 25cm
Identification Ratio ≥99Ċ
Communication Interface TCP/IP,AP
Power Supply DC 12V








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